Natural cosmetics enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for clean and effective solutions. Make it easier for your customers by suggesting a well-thought-out routine for the evening. Which steps should it include and which products are best? The answers in this article:

A well-thought-out night range is more likely to be used by your customers. It must be properly designed and must include some wow effect to be successfully adopted .

What products should you market in your Night Routine, following which steps?

I - Cleansing:

The very first step is makeup removal and cleansing. This involves gently removing makeup worn during the day and dirt accumulated on the skin.

-Prodigia’s Cleansing Milk gently removes make-up and cleanses the skin thanks to its creamy and fresh texture.

-The Olive & Camel Milk Soap is an excellent example of a soap that moisturizes the skin with each use. Made from camel milk and 100% extra virgin olive oil, it is the softness that all skin types need before starting the night ritual.

-A natural Cleansing Gel can also be included in the range.

II - Exfoliation:

After cleansing, the skin needs to be gently exfoliated and rid of dead cells and toxins.

-In addition to exfoliating, Prodigia’s Exfoliating Face Mask with Poppy Powder is used to help with the renewal of the cells of the epidermis. Based on poppy powder and micro-sugar, it has a “remodeling” effect.

-Prodigia’s Exfoliating Face Mask is made up of a synergy of natural ingredients that stimulate the growth of new cells, helping the skin to regain its radiance.

III - Healing:

The next step is healing the skin: this is to help improve the skin as needed.

-Improve the complexion: A Radiance Booster Serum with Vitamin C is clinically proven to reduce blemishes and helps achieve a “healthy glow”.

– Prodigia’s Light Eye Contour Serum is the ideal eye contour treatment to include in a complete Night Routine. It is rich in anti-ageing properties and particularly concentrated in active ingredients, it smooths fine lines and wrinkles and helps reduce puffiness and dark circles under and around the eyes.

IV - Hydration:

Once cleansed, exfoliated, and corrected, the next step is hydration.

-Prodigia’s Moisturizing Cream is formulated with argan oil. It brings its powerful anti-aging properties to the Night Routine. It is pleasant to apply thanks to its creamy texture.

V - Nutrition:

The next step is to nourish the skin; and of course, the best natural cosmetic product for this mission is a Night Serum for Intense Nutrition.

VI-A little Extra:

To invite your customers to finish the ritual by taking care of their lips too, the Aker Fassi Lip Balm by Prodigia is the perfect note of softness to go to bed in complete freshness.

Eyelashes and eyebrows deserve softness too; this would be the perfect time to apply an Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum.

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Shine brightly without polluting the planet with microplastics? Today it is possible thanks to the 100% plastic-free formula of biodegradable glitter. What is it ? How are they made and how are they different from regular sequins? Find the answers in this article:

Where does the glitter traditionally used in cosmetics come from?

Most of the glitter used in cosmetics is made from metal (aluminum) coated in plastic which is then cut into different sizes and shapes to achieve a glittering end result.

Beyond the fact that the production process of flakes is not natural, they flow into the sewers; where they do not deteriorate in the short term. A growing body of research suggests that these microplastics find their way into rainwater, the oceans and thus enter the food chain and ultimately the human body. Of course, they are also harmful to the health of living beings, given their harmful chemical composition, which may possibly contain endocrine disruptors.

How can we recognize plastic glitter in cosmetics?

It is indeed necessary to be able to educate oneself on the subject: it is necessary to be able to identify the ingredients concerned. The glitter will not be identified by the term “glitter” in the ingredient list but rather by the terms “Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)”, “polyurethane”, “PVP”, “Nylon” etc.

Is the natural alternative worth it?

A more ecological alternative to microplastic flakes exists: these are micas. These are minerals that exist naturally in mines and are silicate minerals (muscovites, phlogopites, etc.).

It is worth pointing out that although biodegradable glitter does not contribute to the microplastic problem, it may not be completely harmless. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials found that biodegradable glitter made from cellulose had a negative impact on river and lake ecosystems. For example, eco-glitter reduces the amount of chlorophyll in the water, which would have a negative impact on organisms such as microalgae, and reduces the length of the roots of certain plants.

Although this alternative is ecological, it is necessary to be able to choose its micas correctly:

Validate the composition of micas in heavy metals: As with all mineral products, it is necessary and regulated to validate that the micas used in cosmetics do not contain heavy metals, which can be harmful to health.

Child labor: The issue of child labor is more relevant today than before; in the aftermath of the pandemic that plunged the global economy into recession, more and more children find themselves caught up in mining.

At Prodigia, all the glitter used in our manufacturing process is Cosmos Natural certified, does not contain traces of heavy metals and comes from a strict no child labor policy.

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