Customize your natural soap range in line with your brand story

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One of the most sought-after products by natural cosmetics enthusiasts is cold saponified soap. Your customers are aware of the natural imprint of this type of product and are looking for formulas that meet their needs. Prodigia works with you to offer your customers the soaps that meet their specific needs.

A cold saponified soap is much more than a simple cleanser; it is both an eco-committed act to consume zero waste and a treatment, thanks to its superfatted formulation which does not dry out the skin. At Prodigia, our soap factory works in an artisanal way using noble raw materials, the properties of which are protected throughout the cold manufacturing process.

We put our know-how at your disposal in order to offer you cold saponified natural soaps that correspond to your brand concept and that meet the specific needs of your customers. Together, we will be able to discuss your concept in order to offer you a personalized formula. We select together, with great care, ingredients that meet your needs, to create an anti-aging, moisturizing, exfoliating or brightening care soap. The choice is yours!

How to compose your soap at Prodigia?

Choose your base

Prodigia’s natural soaps are produced in an artisanal and natural way by cold saponification. Guaranteed free of preservatives, chemical dyes and animal fats, our surgras soaps are rich in natural extracts and antioxidants.

Our most common base for our surgras soaps is Cosmetic Olive Oil. On its own, it is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and provides the soap with protective properties that prevent the signs of aging. You can then enhance your soap with active ingredients that meet the needs of your customers. Find these properties in the Natural Exfoliating Face Soap with Olive Oil.

Our olive and goat milk soap is rich in lactic acid, known for its exfoliating, cleansing and sebum-regulating properties. Discover among our formulas Olive Goat Milk & Aloe Vera Soap and Softening soap with Goat Milk.

With a base of olive and Nigella Oil, cold saponified, make great use of the anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing and purifying properties of Nigella Oil, found in the Natural Exfoliating Soap with Nigella Oil.

There are other possibilities for bases to compose the soaps of your choice, such as camel milk and shea butter.

Choose your exfoliants (optional)

Anti-aging care: Find all the anti-aging properties of Virgin Prickly Pear Seed Oil in the Natural Exfoliating Face Soap with Prickly Pear.

Anti-inflammatory: A great way to take advantage of the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of Virgin Linseed Oil is to incorporate it into a soap for daily use. Excellent for acne-prone skin.

Nourish and regenerate: The nourishing and regenerating properties of Virgin Nigella Oil are carefully preserved in the Exfoliating Natural Soap with Nigella Oil.

Choose your active ingredients

Lightening: Nila (Mineral) Fine Powder is a natural active ingredient that lightens the complexion and dark areas such as knees and elbows. Integrating it into the formulation of a soap will make it a powerful lightener for the face or for the body.

Repairing: Spirulina is very popular in cosmetics for its restorative, anti-oxidant, anti-aging and fortifying properties. Widely used in beauty salons, it can be used for wraps and nutritious treatments. A Spirulina-based soap would allow you to take advantage of all its properties while cleansing. 

Purifying: Find in the Olive & Activated Charcoal Soap all the adsorption powers of the Activated Charcoal, and therefore all its purifying and detoxifying properties.

Antioxidant: Aker Fassi, or Poppy Powder, prevents the degradation of elastin and hyaluronic acid naturally… Creating a soap based on this natural active ingredient would be a great opportunity to reap all the benefits while cleansing the skin. 

Does the natural soap market tempt you? Contact Prodigia and let us offer you our expertise through our White Label service. 

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