Bulk Sales

Prodigia is a supplier offering a wide range of raw materials and natural cosmetic products. We supply raw materials and quality cosmetic products in bulk for laboratories, SPAs and cosmetic brands to meet their demands and constraints. Our products include natural vegetable oils, essential oils, butters, soaps, powders and a set of formulated cosmetic products.


As part of our quality and transparency approach, Prodigia ensures compliance with good manufacturing practices for the sourcing of raw materials and the development of cosmetic product. We also have the ISO 22716 certification which defines the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products. Our products meet international quality standards. Prodigia is committed to respecting the strictest standards in the natural cosmetics sector: our raw materials being natural, petrochemicals are excluded. The manufacturing processes are all environmentally friendly, and we don’t do any animal testing.


White label

Prodigia meets your needs and expectations by supporting you step by step at all stages of the development of your natural cosmetics project. We provide you with a global service for the development of finished and tailor-made products with the best natural cosmetic ingredients.

We have a manufacturing and packaging unit and our support includes :

– The selection and development of products composed of natural ingredients that respond to market trends,

– Labeling, packaging and filling according to the client’s brand.

Prodigia is also developing well-targeted formulas for brands that comply with European and Moroccan regulations. Thanks to our support, your brand benefits from rapid market launch, reduction in development costs and finished products made up of natural ingredients selected and developed by us.

Prodigia supports you in the design of your cosmetic brand. Our Marketing team is mobilized to create a visual identity for the whole brand or for a specific range of cosmetics. Visual identity plays a key role since It’s a true ambassador for your product and your own brand. It promotes the act of buying while giving the keys to a good referencing in store. Thanks to our expertise, we help you create your visual universe that will reflect your offer on the market and differentiate your brand in cosmetics.


Legal support

Thanks to its experience in Morocco, Europe, Asia and the North American continent, Prodigia supports you in the regulatory aspect for the launch of your cosmetic products. We inform you about the legal steps and make available to you all the documentation necessary for your company to comply with cosmetic product regulations and launch itself on the market. Our support helps you avoid the delays and the consequent budget due to constraints and cosmetic regulations.

Understanding the regulatory context is the essential rule for the success of a large-scale cosmetic project. It is necessary to be in compliance with the rules that define the cosmetic sector in your region. Prodigia has a knowledge of the cosmetic market and its regulatory side, and is open to assist you in the legal process of launching your brand in the market. In Morocco, for example, Prodigia supports you in the procedure for registering the cosmetic product in the health register with the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy.


International shipment

Prodigia ensures international delivery and offers tailor-made import / export solutions. In a market where there are many constraints linked to the nature of cosmetic products, transport and delivery are real challenges. Thanks to its experience and knowledge of the constraints linked to beauty products, Prodigia ensures the international transport of your goods all over the world with traceability and security. Your cosmetic products are thus delivered with all integrity, protecting the container and the content thanks to the correct packaging method and the appropriate overwrap.

Prodigia builds for you the delivery solution that best suits you. In international delivery solutions, we provide air, sea and multimodal transport in express, normal or economic mode for the cosmetic products. We optimize costs and deadlines in line with your needs. Our company also benefits from good relations at the level of the state authorities in charge of coordinating exports: EACCE, Chambers of Commerce (Boards of trade), Economic services of consulates, ONSSA, DMP and freight forwarders.