Beyond the Beard: Navigating the World of Men’s Grooming Products

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Men are increasingly interested in skin and beard care products without perfumes, alcohol or dyes, with particular attention paid to natural ingredients. Focus on current trends and markets to win, what are the benefits of natural skin care and men’s beard? What trends and what future perspectives? The answers are in this article:

1. Cosmetics for men, a growing demand to which certain brands are already responding:

The men’s cosmetics market can be divided into several segments, such as hygiene products, grooming products and beauty products.We will be focusing on skin and beard care products, which brands are meeting this growing demand? And what lessons can we learn from it?

In 2020, the global market already recorded a turnover of 55.4 billion euros, three times more than in 2015. The men’s cosmetics market today represents around 20% of the overall cosmetics market. There are more and more players in the men’s cosmetics market, with the presence of major luxury houses (Chanel, L’Oréal) and traditional brands (Horace, Neutrogena, Vichy). We also note an increase in the presence of organic and natural products, responding to consumer demand for products that are more respectful of the environment and their health.

Among the natural brands of beauty products for men, we find Monsieur Barbier and 66°30, French brands offering care products for the beard, face and hair, all natural and healthy. It’s clear that the wave of natural cosmetic products for men is booming, it’s up to you to ride it!

2. Incorporating natural ingredients into men's cosmetic formulations, what are the benefits ?

Men’s cosmetics benefit greatly from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, and many others. These ingredients provide a multitude of benefits for men’s skin and beards, including hydration, soothing and preventing irritation. Aloe vera, for example, is known for its hydrating and soothing properties, making it an ideal ingredient for men’s grooming products. Likewise, jojoba oil is renowned for its abilities to moisturize the skin and beard, while helping to prevent irritation and redness. These natural ingredients are often favored in men’s beauty products due to their gentleness and effectiveness, providing a healthier alternative to potentially harmful chemicals found in conventional cosmetics. Natural cosmetics brands that respond to this emerging need are increasingly combining effectiveness with gentleness, thus meeting consumers’ growing demand for products that respect the environment and their health.

Want to know more ? Consult the Prodigia article on natural cosmetics for men, focusing on our Beard Oil which is a complete daily serum for men, rich in precious oils of prickly pear, castor and argan.

3. What trends in beard care?

Current beard care trends emphasize brushing, grooming and styling for a well-groomed and stylish appearance. Nowadays, more and more men are placing importance on maintaining their beard, which has given rise to a variety of specialized products and tools. When it comes to brushing, boar bristle brushes are becoming increasingly popular for detangling beards and distributing natural oils. For maintenance, beard oil is a must-have product for moisturizing and softening the hairs, while beard balm is used to shape and discipline the beard. Finally, beard styling has become a major trend, with products such as mustache wax and beard combs to create unique looks. Natural products, such as castor oil, argan oil and prickly pear oil, are highly recommended for a healthy and well-groomed beard, as they deeply nourish the hair and skin, while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. Prodigia has already thought of this by combining these three precious oils in its Beard Oil.

4. What future prospects and what innovations are expected for the natural cosmetics industry for men?

The future of natural cosmetics for men looks bright, with growing demand for eco-friendly and skin-friendly products. Future prospects for this industry include innovations such as more sustainable formulas, eco-friendly packaging, and sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Foreseeable developments include a greater diversity of products tailored to the specific needs of men, such as beard care, anti-aging products and sun protection solutions. Additionally, growing awareness of health and wellness issues is expected to boost the research and development of new natural products for men, providing a promising future for this growing industry.

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