Make-up removal is a crucial step in any beauty routine. The main mission of a makeup remover is to dissolve makeup and remove all traces of pollution. In natural cosmetics, there are several types of make-up removers. Between cleansing milk, micellar water, and cleansing balm, each of these cleansers offers a unique sensory and sensitive experience. But what are their real differences? How effective are they against makeup products? All the answers are in this article:

Here are some types of makeup removers:

The cleansing milk is able to remove make-up and impurities without having to be rinsed off with water, particularly appreciated by dry and sensitive skin. In addition to removing makeup, it moisturizes the skin without attacking it and thus strengthens the skin barrier. On the other hand, it does not correspond to the needs of combination to oily skin, which tends to find it too rich.

Micellar water takes its name from micelles, molecules that act like a magnet when in contact with make-up pigments and impurities. However, it must be rinsed with water because it contains potentially irritating surfactants. It is suitable for all skin types, even if it remains more suitable for combination to oily skin as it can tend to dry out the skin.

The cleansing balm can be in solid form or in the form of a jelly; upon contact with water, it dissolves to gently remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Unlike some make-up removers that dry out the skin, the balm is an ally for dry skin.  Highly moisturizing, it removes make-up without drying the epidermis. It eliminates the need for cotton pads: after a quick massage and a jet of warm water on the face, the balm effectively removes make-up without damaging the epidermis.  To use it successfully, it is recommended to perform circular movements over the entire face. The perfect beauty ritual to stimulate blood circulation through a quick facial massage.

The routine suggested by Prodigia:

In the evening, any beauty routine must start by removing the beauty products, dirt, and dust accumulated on the skin. Make-up removal is therefore the first step. The selection of the right makeup remover is made according to the client’s skin type, needs and preferences.

Next, it’s important to restore skin’s radiance with a Vitamin C Serum. Naturally, the next step is hydration. This Moisturizing Cream enriched with argan oil is the perfect example of a cream combining hydration and anti-aging care. Thanks to its creamy texture, it moisturizes, softens and smoothes the skin while reducing fine lines.

The last step is the Oil Serum which will encourage the regeneration of skin cells. This Intense Nutrition Face Serum from Prodigia is a real concentrate of active ingredients for skin protection, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. The best oily synergy is one that brings together several natural precious oils. Thanks to the miraculous properties of prickly pear oil, argan oil, and many others, the skin regains maximum elasticity, becomes firmer and existing fine wrinkles disappear.

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