Ancestral beauty secret and miracle elixir of Berber women, argan oil is internationally successful. And for manufacturers of natural cosmetics, this oil is a valuable ingredient that deserves special attention. A priceless source of hydration, it presents considerable opportunities to improve your formulations. Why and how to integrate argan oil into your formulations? The answers are in this article …

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Beauty trends, once dictated by industry big names and fashion shows, have undergone a major transformation thanks to the influence of social media. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube have radically changed the way beauty trends emerge, spread and are adopted globally. How far does social media influence the promotion and sale of cosmetic products? What is the role of influencers and online reviews? And what importance should be given to digital marketing? The answers in this article …

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While the cosmetics industry, its trends, and its beauty standards have long been dominated by major global brands, recent years have seen the rise of a new force in the beauty world: independent cosmetics brands. These daring companies have conquered the hearts of consumers by offering unique, authentic and environmentally friendly products. In this article, we will explore the emergence of these independent cosmetic brands, the reasons for their growing success, and the challenges they face.

Before we dive deeper into this topic, let’s clarify what an independent cosmetics brand really is. In simple terms, an independent cosmetics brand is a business that operates on its own, without being affiliated with a large corporation or conglomerate. These brands often operate on a small scale, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Unlike traditional big brands, independent brands are often the fruit of the passion and vision of their founders.

Today’s natural cosmetics enthusiasts are increasingly aware of the ingredients present in the cosmetic products they use. They are looking for natural alternatives without harmful ingredients for their skin and the environment. Independent cosmetic brands have been able to meet this demand by offering cleaner formulations that respect nature and care about the health of their customers.

Large brands can seem impersonal and standardized, as consumers increasingly seek personalized and authentic experiences. Independent cosmetic brands have the advantage of being able to interact directly with their customers, establishing closer ties and creating a unique experience.

Social networks have radically transformed the way cosmetic brands promote themselves and reach their audience. As a result, independent brands that have seized this opportunity have been able to capitalize on this boom. By using digital platforms to tell their story, they share their ethos and create a loyal community of supporters.

Due to their smaller size, independent brands can spend more time and effort researching and developing higher quality products. Their commitment to innovation and creativity often results in unique formulations and high performing products.

Independent cosmetic brands are often pioneers when it comes to sustainability and ethics. They care about the environmental impact of their production, favoring eco-responsible packaging and nature-friendly manufacturing practices.

The benefit of being a small-scale business is the ability to build closer relationships with customers. Independent brands place a high value on customer satisfaction, offering personalized and attentive customer service.

Independent cosmetics brands have to compete with industry giants who have huge marketing budgets and global recognition. Nonetheless, their unique differentiation and commitment to ethics sets them apart.

Small-scale production can sometimes be a challenge for independent brands, as it can lead to higher costs. Likewise, distribution can be more complex, but strategic partnerships and online sales channels can help overcome these obstacles.

Establishing a significant presence in the market requires constant efforts to increase brand awareness and gain consumer trust. Well-thought-out marketing campaigns and transparent communication can be crucial to their success. Discover our article on Digital Marketing in the world of cosmetics.

At Prodigia, our formulas are composed of at least 95% natural ingredients and are developed in accordance with Cosmos standards.

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A Moroccan beauty secret since the dawn of time, poppy powder or “Aker Fassi” is full of benefits for the skin. Offer your clients this ancestral beauty ritual in its most modern form: a 2-in-1 exfoliating mask.

The poppy powder exfoliating mask, what are its actions and what are its benefits? All the answers are in this article:

Like today’s woman, in Morocco -and elsewhere-, natural cosmetic products are evolving in order to combine the authenticity of traditional ingredients with the modernity of laboratories. At Prodigia, it is this expertise that we master and that we want to share with you.

Aker Fassi is a mixture of poppy powder and grenadine peel, rich in antioxidant properties that prevent the degradation of elastin and hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin. We invite you to discover our article on the Aker Fassi.

By marketing the Poppy Powder Exfoliating Mask, you are offering natural cosmetics enthusiasts a product with a unique composition. This composition doesn’t only confer to the exfoliating mask its two effects, it also brings together several active ingredients rigorously selected by the Prodigia teams. Each of these premium quality active ingredients ensures a precise action:

1. The mask effect:

-Purify: The clay that goes into the composition has absorbent and adsorbent properties, allowing it to purify and mattify the skin.

– Soothe: The allantoin contained in the mask has healing properties. These properties make this active ingredient a real ally for fragile skin, and give it a calming and soothing power.

-Remineralise: Spirulina is one of the most powerful active ingredients in this mask. Rich in protein, the marine active ingredient has revitalizing and fortifying properties.

-Illuminate: Poppy powder guarantees a healthy glow effect. The skin is illuminated after using the exfoliating mask, leaving a rosy complexion.

The scrub effect:

-Exfoliate and smooth: The sugar microcrystals contained in the exfoliating mask provide light mechanical exfoliation. These are fine grains that smooth the skin without irritating it.

-Cleanse: Thanks to the sulphating complex of natural origin that goes into the composition of the exfoliating mask, the skin is cleansed and excess sebum is eliminated. The skin is then clean and lightened after using the product.

The Poppy Powder Exfoliating Mask is available in Private Label at Prodigia. Contact us!

The hammam is the true foundation of any Moroccan beauty ritual. As a symbol of purity and well-being, this ritual is associated with several natural products that you can now offer to your customers in the form of a pack or range. In addition to these basic products, there are a few supplements for a spa ritual, which you can also offer to fans of natural cosmetics for a complete treatment. What are the steps that make up these rituals and what products accompany them? Please find all the answers in this article:

Since the dawn of time, Moroccan women have found much comfort in the hammam; first as an exclusively female space, sheltered from all male gaze, as well as a ritual of purification and relaxation. To the purification steps are added care and relaxation steps; a spa ritual. Each of these steps requires products and tools that draw on both tradition and modernity, a way of bringing the expertise of natural cosmetics laboratories closer to ancestral secrets.

Prodigia masters this connection and draws on its know-how to suggest ideas for ranges of natural cosmetics to offer to your customers. This article is dedicated to two packs of complementary rituals: the Ritual Hammam composed of three stages and a number of products detailed below, and the Ritual Spa which completes the hammam thanks to additional stages of masks and wraps as well as of massages.

Hammam Ritual

The first step is the preparation of the body, and for this, nothing is equivalent to Black Soap. Discover Prodigia’s Neutral Black Soap, it’s made in the pure Moroccan tradition from olive oil which exclusively comes from first pressing. Advise your clients to let the black soap act for a few minutes in a heated bathroom before rinsing it off.

The second step is the exfoliation or scrubbing. A true base of Moroccan well-being and beauty rituals, this mechanical exfoliation operation is carried out using an exfoliating glove called the Kessa Glove. It removes dead skin cells, toxins and impurities. Prodigia offers you these exfoliating gloves in three grains: Soft, Medium, and Hard. Allow your customers to choose the texture of the fibers making up the glove and therefore the degree of depth of exfoliation they wish to obtain.

For the body: In order to obtain the best exfoliation finish, exfoliation with a glove can be paired with a Coffee Body Scrub. It revitalizes the skin and makes it smooth and supple with its firming, exfoliating and antioxidant properties. Discover our article on body scrubs; their types and benefits for the skin.

For the face: It is advisable to carry out the mechanical scrub of the face with a Kessa Soft Glove, and to perfect it with a Akkar Fassi Scrub. A healthy glow is guaranteed thanks to the antioxidant, anti-aging, moisturizing and softening active ingredients of poppies and pomegranate.

The third step is soaping, it allows you to finish the hammam ritual on a relaxing note. During soaping, the body is massaged while being cleansed with a Shower Gel. When the shower gel used is natural, it avoids causing tingling to the skin potentially irritated by the exfoliation. Prodigia’s Natural Shower Gel preserves sensitive skin thanks to its cleansing base of pure plant origin, and even offers you the possibility of choosing the fragrance for a shower gel personalized with your brand.

Spa Ritual

The first category of natural products for a spa ritual is that of masks and wraps:

For the body: Prodigia’s Creamy Ghassoul Wrap is a ready-to-use powder in Hammams and treatments. Ghassoul remineralizes and firms the skin and stimulates the natural regeneration of the epidermis. These properties make this wrap a favorite for any spa ritual. It can be used beyond simple body care, but also for hair and face.

For the face: The Prodigia Spirulina Mask is the ideal final touch to purify and soothe the face after a hammam ritual. After using this remineralizing mask, the skin of the face is revitalized.

For the hair: During a hammam and spa ritual, the hair deserves to be cared for just as much as the skin of the body and face. For this, the Marshmallow Mask that Prodigia offers softens, coats and protects the hair thanks to its richness in mucilages that bring volume and shine.

The second category is massage oils:

Relaxing Massage Oil: This is a composition rich in benefits that Prodigia offers; this oil contains a synergy of essential oils that provide immediate psychological relief and contribute to rebalancing the nervous system.

Slimming Massage Oil: Used for a massage, this oil helps to fight against the physiological factors that cause orange peel skin, and contributes to weight loss.

Anti Cellulite Oil: This massage oil revitalizes, refines and sublimates the skin. The massage stimulates microcirculation and promotes drainage, making the skin smoother and refining the contours.

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If the Japanese had a beauty secret to share with us, it would be the Layering method. The art of ‘saho’ is a traditional approach to beauty in Japan which consists of multiplying the layers of products to remove make-up, cleanse, purify and protect the skin in order to optimize its radiance. Which steps to follow and what products to use at Prodigia? The answers in this article:

Where does layering come from and why is it so popular?

Although widespread on the Asian continent, it is the Japanese who invented the method of layering. It consists of overlaying several specific treatments adapted to your skin type, and applied in a very specific order.

Layering was then made popular all over the world thanks to its modularity; it can be applied by all skin types. It is also a way to change up the products used on a daily basis and to maximize the effectiveness of cosmetic care by choosing different active ingredients, provided that you choose the care that is adapted to your skin type and take your skin condition into account.

This ancestral Japanese technique also adapts to the seasons: richer textures in winter, and more fluid, mattifying and refreshing skincare products in summer.

Layering, what benefits for the skin?

By multiplying the treatments, layering provides the skin with all the elements it needs. This beauty ritual helps to reduce imperfections, eliminate skin problems such as dehydration, excess sebum or redness.

A single product, even the most effective, cannot provide all the nutrients that the skin needs. Varying the treatments means providing the skin with more nutrients, antioxidants and natural active ingredients to protect it from external aggressions, moisturize and nourish it. Ultimately, the skin is more supple, more protected against the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Which products to use, and in which order?

Before starting Layering, the very first thing to do is to determine if the skin is normal, combination to oily, or dry.


To eliminate makeup, but especially impurities and excess sebum, a vegetable oil is ideal for removing makeup. Adapted to your skin type, the vegetable oil removes all makeup – even waterproof – and gently nourishes the skin.

Prodigia advises: Apricot Kernel oil, Hazelnut Oil, and Virgin Jojoba Oil.


Once the make-up is removed, the excess oil and make-up residue must be removed with a natural cleaner. Balm, cream, gel or cold saponified soap, it is important to choose the right texture that is best suited for the cleansing step.

Prodigia recommends: The Natural Exfoliating Face Soap with Prickly Pear, the Natural Exfoliating Face Soap with Olive Oil, and the Softening Soap with Goat Milk.


To complete make-up removal and cleansing and eliminate the limescale present in the water, the ritual is continued with a tonic lotion or a hydrosol, always adapted to the type of skin treated. Sprayed directly on the face or on a washable cotton pad, the hydrosol tightens the pores, tones and refreshes the skin and prepares it to receive the following treatment.

Prodigia recommends the classics of Moroccan beauty: Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water.


After the hydrosol, the absorption of a vitamin C serum with a light texture is particularly optimized. Vitamin C serum is the good boost that all skin needs for a luminous glow, guaranteed healthy glow.


The day cream, richer than the previous treatments, will serve as a bulwark against external aggressions such as the cold, the wind or the sun. As for the night cream, it helps the skin to regenerate during sleep following the aggressions suffered during the day.

Prodigia’s recommendation: Moisturizing Cream enriched with argan oil.


Fluid, light, and ultra-concentrated in active ingredients, the serum is the ideal treatment to use to meet the needs of the skin. It penetrates easily into the skin and complements the moisturizer.

Prodigia recommends: Vitamin C Serum, the Tightening Face Serum, and the Light Face Serum with Vitamin E.


Much more fragile than the rest of the face and particularly exposed to dehydration, the eye contour requires the application of specific care.

Prodigia recommends: The Light Eye Contour Serum.


Hydration of the lips is crucial: a natural and organic lip balm will prevent the lips from drying out, especially in winter.

Prodigia recommends: Aker Fassi Lip Balm.

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Shine brightly without polluting the planet with microplastics? Today it is possible thanks to the 100% plastic-free formula of biodegradable glitter. What is it ? How are they made and how are they different from regular sequins? Find the answers in this article:

Where does the glitter traditionally used in cosmetics come from?

Most of the glitter used in cosmetics is made from metal (aluminum) coated in plastic which is then cut into different sizes and shapes to achieve a glittering end result.

Beyond the fact that the production process of flakes is not natural, they flow into the sewers; where they do not deteriorate in the short term. A growing body of research suggests that these microplastics find their way into rainwater, the oceans and thus enter the food chain and ultimately the human body. Of course, they are also harmful to the health of living beings, given their harmful chemical composition, which may possibly contain endocrine disruptors.

How can we recognize plastic glitter in cosmetics?

It is indeed necessary to be able to educate oneself on the subject: it is necessary to be able to identify the ingredients concerned. The glitter will not be identified by the term “glitter” in the ingredient list but rather by the terms “Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)”, “polyurethane”, “PVP”, “Nylon” etc.

Is the natural alternative worth it?

A more ecological alternative to microplastic flakes exists: these are micas. These are minerals that exist naturally in mines and are silicate minerals (muscovites, phlogopites, etc.).

It is worth pointing out that although biodegradable glitter does not contribute to the microplastic problem, it may not be completely harmless. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials found that biodegradable glitter made from cellulose had a negative impact on river and lake ecosystems. For example, eco-glitter reduces the amount of chlorophyll in the water, which would have a negative impact on organisms such as microalgae, and reduces the length of the roots of certain plants.

Although this alternative is ecological, it is necessary to be able to choose its micas correctly:

Validate the composition of micas in heavy metals: As with all mineral products, it is necessary and regulated to validate that the micas used in cosmetics do not contain heavy metals, which can be harmful to health.

Child labor: The issue of child labor is more relevant today than before; in the aftermath of the pandemic that plunged the global economy into recession, more and more children find themselves caught up in mining.

At Prodigia, all the glitter used in our manufacturing process is Cosmos Natural certified, does not contain traces of heavy metals and comes from a strict no child labor policy.

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