Apricot kernel oil, or what summer has best to offer!

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At Prodigia, we love summer fruits; and apricots are our favorites! In addition to being very rich in vitamins A and E, apricot kernel oil is a very good source of trace elements and essential fatty acids (omega-3, 6 and 9).

In this article, we reveal all the secrets behind apricot kernel oil: its extraction method, its properties and benefits.

How to obtain apricot kernel oil?

Golden yellow apricot kernel oil is pressed from the fruit kernels. The almond seeds are hidden in the core of the fruit. They are mechanically pressed to extract the oil. That of Prodigia comes from a first cold pressing which allows all the benefits to be retained; its ultra clean formulation is 100% pure and natural, devoid of chemical preservatives, silicones, parabens or other endocrine disruptors.

What are its properties

  • Oleic acid for smooth and well-groomed skin: Apricot kernel oil is ideal for a soft and velvety care: it contains up to 70% oleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid. Like all oils high in unsaturated fats, apricot kernel oil penetrates very quickly. The skin remains smooth, without oily residue.


  • Linoleic acid to strengthen the skin barrier: In addition, apricot kernel oil contains up to 25% linoleic acid, the main component of skin lipids. Linoleic acid helps to improve the cohesion of skin cells and thus promotes the skin’s natural barrier function.


  • Vitamins A and E, apricot vegetable oil is best known for its powerful anti-aging effect. Applied as an “eye contour” treatment and on the face from the first signs of aging, it deeply nourishes all skin types while boosting their radiance and firmness. The richness of apricot oil in trace elements, essential fatty acids (omega-3, 6 and 9) and phytosterols gives it very effective properties against skin aging.

What are its benefits ?

  • For the face

Apricot oil and its natural active ingredients are known to give a real boost to the duller faces. Illuminating, regenerating and revitalizing, it makes a perfect anti-aging treatment. A little oily, it is absorbed by the skin after a massage. Moisturizing, it brings suppleness to the driest skin and does not grease the skin with an oily tendency.

It can therefore be sold alone without additions or be incorporated into your formulations of day or evening creams, or even care for the eye area.


  • For the body

Just add a few drops of apricot oil to a body cream to benefit from its toning properties. Indeed, apricot oil and its active ingredients are excellent for restoring suppleness to saggy skin, helping to fight stretch marks and reducing dimpling.

It is recommended for all skin types (even the driest and most fragile), especially on the driest areas of the body: elbows, knees and feet regain their softness.


  • For the hair

As an oil bath for one night or as an extra treatment before shampooing, apricot oil gives dull hair all its radiance and shine. To be sold alone or to be incorporated into your mask preparations.

Easygoing, it adapts to all hair types, but particularly adores dry hair to which it restores all their suppleness.


Are you looking for a premium quality apricot oil? Discover those that Prodigia offers: Virgin Apricot Kernel Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, available for sale in bulk. Also discover our Intense Nutrition Face Serum, available in white label, as well as the rest of our services and our products.

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