The revolution against sulfates: milder shampoos

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Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate, SLES, sulfates, … Several scientific names that all designate the same thing: sulfates used in hair cosmetics to lather formulas. That said, they irritate the fiber and damage the keratin present at 97% in and outside the hair. Result: a general awareness where the followers of natural cosmetics no longer want sulfate or silicone in their shampoos. How to ride the wave of sulfate-free shampoo?

What Are Sulfates?

Sulfates are used as a foaming and surfactant agent: they serve to disperse fatty substances in water. By a powerful chemical action, they help to get rid of the grease present on the body and the hair. They are also present in most cleaning products, dishwashing liquid or detergents.

Why are Sulfates harmful?

A Canadian study in 2015 proved that a concentration of SLS of barely 0.5% could cause skin irritation. In addition, 10% to 30% of SLS could be corrosive to the skin and cause severe irritation.

By eliminating the lipids needed to protect the skin, the hydrolipidic film is no longer able to play its role as a protective barrier against skin dehydration, resulting in the feeling of tightness and the appearance of dryness.

Their action is so aggressive that they also damage the hair by making it brittle, split ends and greasy at the root. In shampoos containing sulfates, these effects are usually masked by the addition of silicones, a family of petroleum-derived raw materials.

Silicones help to cover up the negative effects of sulfates and give hair a shiny look by making it easier to comb – but which can ultimately prevent it from breathing and therefore dull it.

In addition to being harmful to health, sulfates and silicones are not biodegradable. The cosmetics industry finds it difficult to phase them out due to their low cost and high foaming potential.



Enriched with keratin and essential oils; restores the hair’s natural shine while preserving the scalp. It is ideal for prolonging coloring or smoothing treatment. Its neutral base gently cleanses and preserves the hair fiber by acting against the development of dandruff on the scalp. The action of essential oils gradually reduces sebum secretions. It leaves the hair silky, supple and airy.

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