The 4 key trends in natural cosmetics for 2021

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Trends natural cosmetics

Currently, in order to meet the demands of consumers, ever more attentive to the composition of cosmetics, favoring those without artificial elements and without pesticides and respectful of nature and animal well-being, the players in the world of natural cosmetics do not have other choices than to opt for innovation in order to tend towards naturalness, the clean label or even organic.

It is towards this perspective that all the major cosmetic trends are heading in 2021 ! We’re sharing them with you in this article:

1. Solid cosmetics

Deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo … more economical and ecological in solid form. The concentration rate of active ingredients and cleaning agents offers a longer life to the products. As for conservation, nothing could be simpler. As they are devoid of water, they are easily stored in a container or  a glass dish and even have a longer shelf life than traditional cosmetics. Less water also means less bacterial growth, and therefore even fresher and more effective natural active ingredients for the skin and hair. A solid future !

If solid cosmetics took more than 30 years to seduce the general public, we predict very good prospects. Highly concentrated, a solid shampoo provides the equivalent of about three 250g bottles of liquid shampoo, or 80 to 100 washes, depending on the texture, thickness and length of the hair. This also means less plastic and less transportation costs, since a truck full of solid shampoos allows about as many washes as fifteen trucks full of bottles of liquid shampoo. The solid versions therefore generate less traffic on the roads, and thus a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Soaps personalized with active ingredients

Would your customers be tempted by a natural and organic soap that also acts as a true beauty treatment of excellence? Soothing, purifying, healing, regenerating and anti-aging, personalized soap with active ingredients fulfills all of these promises (and more !). Soap contains natural glycerin, obtained by the hydrolysis of the oils and fats which serve as its base. This glycerin is a moisturizer that heals the skin well, by adding active ingredients such as: Aloe Vera, Goat’s milk, Camel’s milk, Shea butter, Honey …, the soap becomes a natural care.

3. The most trendy natural extracts

The trend in 2021 is to return to the source of beauty secrets: opt for natural extracts such as Blue Chamomile, Marshmallow Powder, or Cistus essential oil. Even more trendy are the natural extracts from Morocco, a sort of homage to the natural treasures that each of the Moroccan regions has to offer; like Aker Fassi or Nila powder. Discover this article on the leading Moroccan ingredients to adopt for your brand : “Some key Moroccan ingredients to incorporate in your natural cosmetic brand”

4. Natural deodorants

The classic deodorant contains chemical components which will, on the one hand, limit sweating and, on the other hand, mask the bad odors caused by perspiration. Among these chemical components to be avoided, we can cite among others : aluminum salts, parabens, triclosan and polyethylene glycols (PEG). If we refer to this list of components, many of them are harmful in high doses to health and to the environment. A truly natural deodorant will not contain any of these components. Most of its ingredients are natural, and even from organic farming. These components will activate to fight against bacteria that generate bad smells, while respecting the natural process of perspiration, and while avoiding anti-perspirants which will chemically block perspiration. We must help nature, not block it ! The basic ingredients are simple: liquid coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice !

Are you interested in any of these trends? Prodigia offers you a fine selection of ranges, cosmetics, soap, and raw materials to adopt for your brand. Vegetable oils, natural extracts, essential oils & hydrosols, all the trends are there !

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