Cleansing milk: daily beauty care

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Myth: Makeup removal is only necessary after makeup that weighs down the skin. Truth: every day, dirt, excess sebum, perspiration and dead cells, micro dust and pollution accumulate on the skin; good make-up removal is essential in order to avoid suffocating and irritating your skin. Zoom in on the science behind cleansing milk!

Depending on the needs, the type of skin, and the amount of makeup used by the client, she will have to select the makeup remover that suits her. For a rather normal or combination skin, with light makeup on, micellar water is more suitable. It contains micelles, these are very fine particles of oil invisible to the naked eye, for an immediate refreshing and cleansing effect.

For skin that is rather dry and with more makeup on, it is the cleansing milk that is the most suitable! As it has the power to remove mascaras and also removes foundations and others; it permanently removes makeup remains while cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

What does cleansing milk contain?

A cleansing milk is composed of rather “fatty” emollients such as oils or butters that remove all the impurities deposited on the skin. Applied in massage or with a cotton ball, make-up does not resist it.

Active substances :

Moisturizing and emulsifying agent:

Vegetable glycerin: can be incorporated very easily into your emulsions (milk), to which it brings a very soft touch.

Cleansing and soothing agent:

Almond oil: particularly suitable for dry to very dry and fragile skin, softens and regulates hydration.

Hazelnut or argan oil: for combination and oily skin, softens and regulates hydration.

Antioxidant agent: Tocopherols.

Aqueous phase:

Floral waters: rose, chamomile, orange blossom.

Distilled water.

The cleansing milk can then be scented as desired.

For make-up removal that eliminates make-up and impurities effectively, it is important to recommend that your customers apply the make-up remover milk generously on a cotton pad, on the face and neck, gently making circular movements and light tapping motions to activate microcirculation.


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